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Posted on October 09, 2018 by Rachel Cohen

About This Blog:

  • As a spine and neurosurgeon, Dr. Mark Giovanini knows degeneration and premature aging of the spine are common culprits for people with back pain.
  • Although there is not much that can be done about preventing a genetic spine condition, there are ways patients can reduce their risk of spinal damage caused by premature aging.
  • In this blog, Dr. Mark Giovanini explains what patients can do to prevent premature aging of the spine.

Many people don’t realize the spine is, directly and indirectly, responsible...

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Posted on October 07, 2018 by Rachel Cohen

About This Blog:

  • A new study published in the medical journal Spine analyzed the link between perioperative (pre-, intra-, and postoperative stages) vitamin D levels and non-union rates after spinal fusion.
  • The study found patients with vitamin D deficiencies had an increased risk of spinal fusion non-unions compared to those with adequate vitamin D levels.
  •  Dr. Mark Giovanini of NeuroMicroSpine explains findings from this study and discusses the importance of vitamin D for bone health.

A study from Spine...

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Posted on October 02, 2018 by Rachel Cohen

About This Blog:

  • Over 80 percent of adults in the U.S. experience back pain at some point in their lives, making “back pain” one of the most prevalent conditions today.
  • There are many myths and misconceptions that surface frequently regarding the management and treatment of back pain. Believing some of these fallacies can detrimentally affect your health and impede recovery from a surgery or treatment.
  • Dr. Mark Giovanini encounters many of these misconceptions, which is why the neurosurgeon has taken it upon himself to debunk some of the most...
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