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Robotic Spine Surgery

Dr. Giovanini and Dr. Metzger are proud to offer robotic spine surgery through Mazor Robotics, specifically, the Mazor X system, exclusively performed at Gulf Breeze Hospital. This technology has several features that allow for predictability, safety, and efficiency. Through the "align," "lateral," "scan & plan," "sij," and "brain" applications, the Mazor X system improves the accuracy of implanted spinal devices while lowering radiation exposure.

Mazor X is not a type of spine surgery, it's a surgical assurance platform that offers pre-operative analytics, as well as intra-operative guidance and verification. Surgeons can review a full, 3D surgical plan with unique computerized alignment calculations to ensure accurate surgical moves throughout the procedure. That said, we want to make it clear that the surgeon still performs the patient's spine surgery. This device does not perform the surgery; instead, it helps facilitate a plan so the surgeon can execute it with absolute precision.

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