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  • Telemedicine
    Now offering telemedicine

    In the current challenging times, we made patient safety and quality care are priority.

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  • Baptist Medical Park Nine Mile

    Neuromicrospine joins forces
    with Baptist Medical Park.

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  • coflex®

    Interlaminar Stabilization
    for Lumbar Stenosis 

    Avoid Lumbar Fusion. Find out how.

  • Cervical disc replacement
    Cervical Disc Replacement

    Northwest Florida leader
    in Cervical Disc Replacement

    Avoid Cervical Fusion. Find out how.

  • Robotic SI Fusion
    Robotic SI Fusion

    Minimally Invasive
    Robot-Guided System

    Mazor X Robotic System. Learn More.

  • Florida's Premier
    Florida's Premier

    Minimally Invasive
    Spine Surgery Center 

    We can help. Find out how.

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