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Gio Jen Bear Cervical Replacement 2:58 With Gio

Jen's Story
Cervical Disc Replacement

Gio Susan Robotic Lumbar Assist

Susan's Story
Robotic Spine Surgery

SI Joint Fusion patient story

SI Joint Fusion patient story

I Want it All! Get Rid of the Pain and Get Back to What You Love!-Mobile

I Want it All! Get Rid of the Pain and Get Back to What You Love!

Pam and Kay Outpatient Minimally Invasive Fusion

Pam and Kay Outpatient Minimally Invasive Fusion

Dr. Giovanini- Cervical Disc Replacement Shannon Coleman Final

Shannon's Story

I was absolutely blown away by the amazing care that was shown to me by Dr. Giovanini and his staff. The moment I walked in the office Melissa met me with a warm smile and spoke very kindly to  me. Melissa has a very pleasant personality that lets you know you're in good hands. Colleen my nurse is a sweetheart. She is a rare jewel, a tremendous nurse. She explained everything that was going on thoroughly and made me feel like family. I wasn't just another patient to her, I was someone she deeply cared for and I knew that she wanted my pain and problem to get better. Colleen has been very accessible since my surgery and called to see how my recovery was going. My wife saw my back one morning and had a question about my incision, Colleen got me in right away and assured us that everything was healing just fine and took extra time to clean my wound and to set our minds at ease. Colleen is truly one of a kind. As far as my appointment and surgery, the staff at Dr. Giovanini's office simply blew me away with how quickly and efficiently everything was handled. A call was put in to Dr. Giovanini's office on Wednesday. Dr. Giovanini's office called soon after that and scheduled me for an appointment the very next day, THAT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN! I met with Dr. Giovanini that Thursday afternoon and he could see the seriousness of my situation with my back and scheduled me for surgery the very next morning, THAT DEFINITELY JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN! Dr. Giovanini already had a full schedule the next day as well as having to be out of town for another medical appointment. I saw and heard him tell his nurses that whatever had to be done, to do it, that he was going to do my surgery the next day. Dr. Giovanini showed great compassion toward me and made me a top priority. Prior to my back surgery I had numbness in  my leg and couldn't feel my foot. I am now gaining strength and feeling in my leg and foot. Dr. Giovanini has greatly improved my quality of life. I want to send a very,very special thank you to Betsy who worked tirelessly that Thursday afternoon and stayed late to make it happen. Betsy, though we never met, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for me the way you did and for getting my surgery scheduled in so very short of time. I would never want anyone beside DR. Giovanini operating on me. DR. GIOVANINI IS NOT JUST ONE OF THE BEST, HE IS THE BEST, AND SO IS HIS STAFF. Thank you all for your remarkable care and compassion. May God bless you all. You have my permission to use this as a testimonial.

My name is Ron B., I had a Posterior lumbar intervertebral fusion operation performed on January 22. My Doctor was Mark Giovanini. Prior to surgery, I went to Physical Therapy and Pain Management. Both of these attempts provided no relief for my lower back. I researched across the country for the best Neurosurgical Physician to operate on my back. After interviewing many physicians, I felt Dr. Giovanini communicated the best in regard to what it would take to facilitate the best outcome. After examining the MRI, he felt fusion two vertebra would solve the problem. From the moment I was admitted to Gulf Breeze Hospital to the time I was discharged, the staff were very professional and treated me with respect and kindness. Couldn't have asked for better care.

I appreciate Dr. Giovanini for his professional manner and the great results. I also would send my appreciation to Collen, Dr.Giovanini's nurse and Keith, Dr.Giovanini Physician Assistant. The whole staff in his office are very professional and always courteous.

Before surgery I couldn't walk more then 100 yards without pain. After the surgery, the pain is gone and can walk like before. Thank you Dr. Giovanini so much and a big thank you to your wonderful staff. I would be honored to endorse or speak to anybody about choosing Dr. Giovanini to perform Posterior Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion Surgery.


- Ron B.

Dr. Giovanini,

You operated on my spine about five years ago (Lumbar Laminectomy) which was entirely successful in relieving my leg pain. My wife had similar pain about six months ago and chose to visit a different M.D., A board-certified orthopedic surgeon.

That M.D. said that my wife needed a Three -Three and a half hour surgery. She would be in the hospital several days, would be in severe pain and, she would need at least a six-month recovery time. The operation was to screw metal rods to three lumbar vertebrae and to remove a spur which was pressing a nerve.

I insisted my wife get a second opinion from you, Dr. G, before such a major operation. You read the same MRI Images as the previous M.D. and said you could operate for forty-five minutes. It would be a day surgery with little pain Her recovery time would be to 'Take it easy' for a couple of weeks. You were correct in all regards, and my wife was soon back to her exercise routine. The difference in the two estimates and procedures are shocking to me. I can not state more strongly that ANYONE with pain of spinal origin should schedule a consultation with you, Dr. G., before enduring a massive-painful surgery with uncertain consequences.

My wife and I are each extremely grateful for our pain-free backs and most STRONGLY recommend your services. You may use this entire statement in any way that you want, and you may give my name to any potential patient of yours.


- Ralph R.

Back injuries and strain over many years of work in the arts on such projects as a 16 foot high monument in Costa Rica for the U.S. Embassy were meaningful, but back problems were making them increasingly difficult to manage. Doctors made it obvious to me that I was in need of an operation to correct the problems and enable my legs and body to continue to function well.

I desperately sought to find a surgeon that could perform such an operation so well that damage to the area would be minimal and healing could be accelerated and after effects would not serve to impair me later. Thank goodness, fortunately, through friends I was able to discover Dr. Mark Giovanini a skilled and practiced surgeon who specialized in minimally Invasive Spine surgery. I am confident that although my case demanded extensive work; he was able to correct the problems and the system or approach he practiced seemed superior to any of the other descriptions of such operations in this area. With this operation behind me I am extremely thankful to Dr. Mark Giovanini.


- Roland H.

Doctor Giovanini,

It was at this time a year ago I decided I was going to get my back fixed in 2011. Since then I have seen an orthopedic back surgeon, a neurosurgeon, and a pain specialist. All these people had different ideas for treatment of my problem. That is when I decided to find a minimally invasive back surgeon which led me to you. In order to see if I would be a candidate for this type of surgery, you reviewed my MRI and we had a telephone interview. You told me you could not help me but a radiofrequency facet rhizotomy would.

I located a pain management specialist here in Mississippi that does this procedure. As soon as he saw my MRI, he said you were absolutely correct. Next Friday I will have a lumbar facet injection and then (hopefully) followed by the radiofrequency procedure.

It has taken me an entire year of pain to get here. I have also wasted a lot of time and money.

Thank you for being the one person that finally did help me.

- Dennis K.

85% of people who reach age 65 have lower back pain. Why? The answer is simple really, " your spine disks wear out/shrink over time. Just like the bottom brick in a wall carries the greatest load, the lower disks in your spinal column see the biggest load and therefore they usually wear out faster. As the disks shrink in size, (or they rupture) the nerves emanating from between the vertebrae come under increased pressure. This pressure on the nerve manifests itself as pain, (often remote from the source of the pinched nerve)."

I'm a 63 year old male that ruptured disk L4 L5, while sitting on a cardboard box in my yard, bending over to fix a lawn sprinkler. I felt something pop in my back and it didn't hurt too bad until the next morning, when I couldn't get out of bed. The pain got progressively worse, to the point I couldn't work, the pain pills didn't help any more, and my wife had to put my socks on for me. I spent the next two years going through Xrays, exams, MRIs and two separate back surgeries.

So when you start experiencing severe back pain and the pain is still unbearable, "who you gonna call?" The answer for me was Dr. Mark Giovanini. This guy is the best at what he does, and that is back fusion surgery. He uses the latest techniques, the most modern equipment, and he is at the top of his profession.

Dr G performed L4L5 fusion surgery on me six months ago, at the Gulf Breeze hospital (also a top notch facility and staff). When I woke up from the surgery, my leg pain was gone. I was immediately able to walk on my own. I had slight muscle pain in my back from the surgery trauma, but the pain in my legs and feet had vanished.

It's been six months since my back fusion surgery and I feel better now than I have for over two decades. So, if you are suffering with back related pain, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr G. His office is located at Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida. If he can't help you, he'll tell you so, but if he can, he's the man! My biggest regret is not having back fusion surgery done the first time, thus saving two years of pain and suffering.

- G.O.


* all patients are different and indications, outcomes may vary.