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Cervical RegionCervical total disc replacement (CTDR) has been used as an alternative to fusion surgery much more in recent years. During a trial for the Prodisc-C [Synthes Spine] total disc replacement (TDR) in 2006, patient satisfaction was reported as high as 70 to 85 percent, and evidence indicated the CTDR procedure improved motion preservation more than fusion surgery.

In some cases, this theory still holds true today....

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When a patient is apprehensive to a much-needed spine surgery, the team at NeuroMicroSpine can usually anticipate how the conversation is going to continue. Regardless, we approach these situations with the same set of questions:

 “Do you really want to live like this? Are you satisfied with avoiding various movements and activities, just so you can bypass surgery? If we offered you a surgical solution that each team member would personally have, would that be satisfactory to you?”

Initially, the patient is intrigued, but decides not to go through with the procedure. However...

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