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Posted on October 15, 2014 by Rachel Cohen

There are significant differences between open spine surgeries and minimally invasive spine surgeries. When overall cost and procedural outcomes are analyzed, it’s not difficult to understand why Dr. Mark Giovanini at NeuroMicroSpine prefers the latter of the two.

Minimally invasive spine (MIS) surgeries are just that—minimally invasive. Those who elect to have MIS surgery typically return to work quicker, their risk of infections and...

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Posted on October 08, 2014 by Rachel Cohen

When a patient is apprehensive to a much-needed spine surgery, the team at NeuroMicroSpine can usually anticipate how the conversation is going to continue. Regardless, we approach these situations with the same set of questions:

 “Do you really want to live like this? Are you satisfied with avoiding various movements and activities, just so you can bypass surgery? If we offered you a surgical solution that each team member would personally have, would that be satisfactory to you?”

Initially, the patient is intrigued, but decides not to go through with the procedure. However...

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