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Common Issues That May Lead to Spinal Surgery

Most people with back or neck pain never need surgery, but sometimes the pain is so severe that it’s the only answer. Issues that can lead to a need for spinal surgery range from accidents that cause a herniated disk to degenerative conditions like arthritis.

Most people will be able to cope with those issues with pain medication, physical therapy, and other strategies, but a few will need more help. Here are some of the issues that may lead a patient to see a spinal surgeon.

  • Damaged disks. We have disks in our backs—rubbery cushions between each...
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Answers to All Your FAQs about Spinal Fusion Surgery

Q. What exactly is spinal fusion surgery?

A. Spinal fusion is a procedure that permanently joins two or more of the bones (called vertebrae) in your neck or back so that they become one single, solid bone.

Q. Why might I need spinal fusion?

A. Spinal fusion is done to make your spine more stable or to eliminate movement that causes pain. It’s used to treat a number of back problems, including: 

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What Causes Chronic Neck Pain

Many of us will suffer occasional pain and stiffness in the neck, sometimes from poor posture or a minor sports injury. Treating the pain with over-the-counter pain relievers, hot or cold compresses, and sometimes simple rest will usually take care of the pain.

When neck pain continues for months, though, it’s considered chronic, and it’s time to see a doctor. A number of conditions can cause chronic neck pain, and you’ll need a professional’s expertise to diagnose what’s causing your pain and determine your best treatment options.

Common causes of chronic neck pain include...

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