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When Should Patients Consider Spine Surgery?

When Should Patients Consider Spine Surgery?


When it comes to back pain, it's not surprising that patients have countless options for treatment. After all, back pain is a top reason for why people visit their doctor! Patients seeking conservative treatment may receive medications, injections, physical therapy, and so many other treatments over time. 

Dr. Giovanini of NeuroMicroSpine understands that it can be costly and time-consuming to see different specialists throughout Florida to treat back pain. For that reason, he offers diagnostic injections, physical therapy-focused treatment, an outpatient radiofrequency ablation procedure, and wellness and lifestyle coaching through NeuroMicroSpine and iLifestyle! That way, patients can rest assured knowing they’re getting the same quality, continuum of care.

Dr. Giovanini emphasizes the importance of these non-surgical treatments for many patients because they can provide long-lasting pain relief. However, other patients may continue to feel chronic back pain even after they've received interventional pain management. So, how do patients know when to stop utilizing conservative treatments and start thinking about minimally invasive spine surgery? Continue reading to learn more.

Surgery is not for everyone. Excellent surgical candidates include non-smokers who are in good health and patients who maintain active lifestyles. Some patients may consider surgery if they begin to experience tingling in the limbs, headaches, and loss of bowel control as a result of their back pain.

Surgery is also a personal choice. Medication and injections may soothe inflammation and reduce pain, but many patients don’t want to rely on these therapeutic techniques for long periods of time. Surgery can be a great permanent solution that reduces the need for these treatments.

Dr. Giovanini believes that surgery is ultimately the patient’s decision. He understands that there are fears about going under the knife, but at NeuroMicroSpine, our spine experts use minimally invasive procedures that reduce post-operative risks and get patients back to work in less time.

Patients should start to consider surgery when they want a permanent solution for their back pain. Injections and medications may mitigate the problem, but some nerve compressions, spinal fractures, and herniated discs cannot heal on their own and require surgery to be fixed.

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