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Now Offering Robotic Spine Surgery with Mazor X

Now Offering Robotic Spine Surgery with Mazor X
Dr. Mark Giovanini and Dr. Clark Metzger of NeuroMicroSpine are excited to announce their partnership with West Flordia Hospital, which will allow them to incorporate an innovative technology to their minimally invasive spine practice for outpatient spine surgery: Mazor X Robotic Spine Surgery. According to Mazor Robotics, this technology is a surgical assurance platform that is designed for predictability, safety, and efficiency. Both patients and physicians benefit from Mazor X's technology because it improves the accuracy of implanted spinal devices while lowering radiation exposure.
"It is truly the future of spine surgery from an imaging planning perspective," said Dr. Giovanini. "Dr. Metzger and I have an established MIS practice that has utilized the best possible techniques for spine surgery for more than 20 years; adding this technology advances them even further in our field."
The Mazor X system offers pre-operative analytics, as well as intra-operative guidance and verification. It's an incredible technology that provides surgeons with a full 3D surgical plan for total patient treatment. With unique computerized alignment calculations, spine surgeons like Dr. Giovanini and effectively scan and plan their surgical moves. In the end, the surgeon is still performing the surgery, this device is just helping them facilitate the plan and execute it with absolute precision. To learn more about this technology, check out this informative video: http://bit.ly/2q6mR1w. 
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