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Are You a Candidate for Lumbar Interbody Fusion?

Are You a Candidate for Lumbar Interbody Fusion?

One of the questions Dr. Mark Giovanini of NeuroMicroSpine gets asked most is whether or not someone is a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery. More often than not, if a patient is suffering from chronic, debilitating pain related to a spine condition, they are usually considered a candidate for spine surgery. Still, there is a lot more that goes into determining surgical candidacy than pain levels. For example, if a patient’s vertebrae show serious signs of damage or degeneration in the lumbar spine, Dr. Giovanini may recommend a specific procedure to correct the problem, such as a lumbar interbody fusion. 

Lumbar interbody fusion is a type of minimally invasive spine surgery that is performed on patients with moderate to severely damaged lumbar spines. The damage may cause mechanical back pain, as well as weakness and numbness that travels down one leg. Patients with these symptoms may only experience relief when lying down. Dr. Giovanini likes to perform this procedure on patients with unstable lumbar spines because the surgery creates an internal brace to restore structural components of the spine.

So, are you a candidate for lumbar interbody fusion? As we mentioned previously, that depends on your condition and the severity of your symptoms. Generally speaking, patients who suffer from the following conditions and/or ailments may be considered candidates for this procedure:

  • Degenerative disc disease (lumbar spine)
  • Deformities
  • Spondylolisthesis (lumbar spine)
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal fractures
  • Weak spine

This procedure may be performed on patients with different conditions or spinal injuries, but for the most part, it’s recommended to individuals with no more than two damaged vertebrae because the procedure has the potential to restrict movement. If you suffer from one of these conditions, or you are experiencing pain in your lumbar spine (lower back), schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Giovanini today. He can evaluate your symptoms and determine the best course of action, whether it be a lumbar interbody fusion or some other minimally invasive spinal surgery.

If you’ve already undergone a spinal fusion and are still experiencing pain, schedule an appointment anyways – there are instances where spinal surgery fails to provide adequate pain relief. In these cases, patients may have re-injured themselves, received poor perioperative care, or did not get the whole problem corrected during their initial surgery.

While there are risks to undergoing back surgery for the second time, these risks are often minimal due to the latest advancements in spine surgery. Dr. Mark Giovanini of NeuroMicroSpine only utilizes the best surgical equipment and techniques when performing surgery on patients, so you can rest assured knowing you’re in highly capable hands.

For more information on minimally invasive spine surgery or to make an appointment with Dr. Giovanini, please call (850) 934-7545 or visit http://www.neuromicrospine.com/request-appointment.

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